Finding the high-impact people our clients need

Understanding the role to be filled as well as our client's organisation and business

Any search firm will agree that this is an absolute prerequisite for a successful search. Unfortunately, all too often the information gathering is reduced to look up the prospective client on the internet and a sole briefing meeting with the client.

Our approach is simple and effective and also leads to a stronger relationship with our clients. Together with the client we determine the most appropriate process for the information gathering. This may include:

  • A “due diligence investigation” into the role. This is a 360° degree inquiry into all aspects of the role. It is carried out through interviews with all stakeholders (hiring/career manager, colleagues, direct reports, HR business partner) and site visits (if appropriate).

  • An organisational review session, conducted with the HR business partner and internal recruitment experts, to obtain a full view of the HR environment of the client, including the relevant recruitment procedures, employer branding, employee development programmes, reward policies, …

  • A strategy review session, conducted with the CEO or the senior executive who has the leadership function for the division or business group where the role is to be filled.

Each hour spent by our recruitment consultant on information gathering and raising his own understanding of the role, is more than compensated by the increased quality of all aspects the selection process that result from it. In view of a long term collaboration with our client, it is also much more efficient. The recruitment consultant will have been able to develop his network within our client’s organisation and will be ‘on the level’ when new assignments for our client need to be carried out. An added benefit is that by gaining this thorough insight, we are able to apply from the start our insights and experience to help improve our client’s organisation and processes.