Finding the high-impact people our clients need

Support during on-boarding phase and follow-up of candidates

True Career’s involvement does not stop once a candidate has been hired. Together with the client we set the appropriate process for the regular follow-up of the hired candidate. Depending on the individual case, the follow-up by True Career can last up to two years. This has the following benefits:

  • during the crucial on-boarding process we can continue to manage all expectations on both sides and provide meaningful feedback to both candidate and client. This creates an open and positive atmosphere and eliminates the risk of an “expectation shortfall” that could de-motivate the candidate and frustrate our client. Should the new job also involve relocation, we will apply our specific expertise regarding international mobility, to ensure the candidate fully realises the extent of the new challenge.

  • After the on-boarding, we act as a sounding board for client and candidate with regard to the further personal and career development of the candidate. Our role is to listen, provide guidance and red flag any issues that arise. Even sophisticated organisations who have state of the art career development tools at their disposal will benefit from the accurate information a trusted insider such as True Career can provide.